I must resume writing. I have not been able to spend enough time with you Rion, Lauren and Julia to deepen our bond such that you might reach out to me. Rion has in fact shown signs of PA. Our talk in July of this past year is indicative of it.


October 2016 was a good trip. Saw you Julia for about 20 minutes. You’re such a cutie.

Julia 1.jpeg

Last year I was unfortunately again unsuccessful in seeing you Lauren. I haven’t been able to spend any time with you since September 2013.

Tomorrow is your 12th birthday and I have no way of contacting you and wishing you a happy day.

My inability to spend time with all three of you is a great source of pain for me. You three did nothing wrong and yet you are denied a loving father. I wish that I could persuade your mother to be more reasonable. I will try again. I will never give up.

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1 Response to 1.1.2017

  1. I’m sorry Bruce, Julia, Lauren and Rion. You don’t deserve the pain you’ve been through. girls, your dad is an amazing guy who loves you with all his heart. I know he will fight to his last breath to give you the life you deserve. never believe that he didn’t try with all his might to reunite you all. happy New year, perhaps in 2017 you will all be together again.

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