Happy Birthday Lauren!

Dear Lauren,

I hope you had a wonderful birthday on Monday. It was seven years ago when you came into this world more quickly than your mommy and daddy expected. Yours was a very special birth for many reasons, first and foremost because you were born into a happy, growing family. Mommy and daddy were so happy to have you join us. Big sister Rion loved to help us with her little baby sister. I know that you and Rion are very close and love each other very much. I also know from what I saw this Christmas that you and Julia have lots of fun together now and love helping your mom to do things at home.

I hope you enjoy your presents that I sent you. I remember that you loved your dolls in Canada and how you loved to give them names, change their clothes and do their hair.

I know that you are afraid of daddy right now, according to Rion. I hope that you can understand and hear from your big sister that daddy loves you very much and you can have a daddy and a mommy in your life. You are very young and I know you cannot understand that what has been done to you. Just know that daddy will always love you very, very much and I will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances. I fervently hope that this is the year that we can reconnect and the alienation we have suffered can begin to be overcome. Regardless of whether you will look at me or talk to me I will continue to work hard to try to overcome what you have been subjected to. I hope mommy will help with that now.

You are a smart, beautiful girl and I know that one day things will be a lot better for us. I will always be available so that you are able to receive the love that is here for you. Your Canadian family loves you and misses you so much, especially your Grandma. She told me to tell you how much she loves you and that she will see you again one day.

So, little angel, Have a happy birthday and know that you are loved more each and every day by so many people who will again be a part of your life one day.

Especially Daddy.

Big hugs and many kisses,

Love Dad.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Lauren!

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  2. Brian Prager says:

    Daddy love you all right. Bet on it little one.

  3. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday Lauren! I like the birthday Barbie. It’s so pretty and with a little crown for princess Lauren too!

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