Christmas on the 26th

Fourth visit to Iwaki. Best one yet. Overjoyed.

I am still overjoyed by my visit yesterday to see my wonderful daughters. Julia was there but she was too fast to get a still photo of her. She is so cute and very funny (4 1/2 years old). Rion and I spent an hour together during which she talked with dad and drew a fabulous picture of a frog and eggs and 3 tadpoles named Rion, Lauren and Julia! (too cute).

Taiko gave me a hug, said she was sorry and was very nice to me for a few short minutes. She allowed me to have copies of the girls report cards (90% A’s, the rest B’s) for both Rion and Lauren. I will visit my daughters again, of course, in the new year.

I am a very happy daddy. I am very grateful to have three beautiful daughters whom I love with all my heart. I cannot describe in words the joy I feel having spent time with my family. It has been too long. I told Rion that I love her forever and always and that if she were living on the moon or even Mars I would follow her there.

If it were not for the help of many wonderful people none of this would have been possible, first and foremost amongst them, Mr. Dennis Gunn. A finer human being you will not find.

NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN. Go see your kids, wherever they are.

Bruce R. Gherbetti

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4 Responses to Christmas on the 26th

  1. scoottaylor says:

    I’m happy you had a good day Bruce. Great to hear you had a hug and a sorry from Taiko. I hope it’s the beginning of more access to the girls. They are so cute.

  2. Bruce, I am so happy for your children, and of course, for you, too. This is such great news. Keep going! God bless you.

  3. Ray Rose says:

    This is so awesome, so inspirational. Really happy for you, Bruce.

  4. ktn251108 says:

    Great news Bruce!!! It gives me hope to see the progress you’re making.

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