Demonstration and March Sunday, December 18th

A determined group of left behind parents marched through the streets of Tokyo on Sunday, December 18th to raise awareness of Japan’s pariah status amongst world nations. Japanese abduct children. Japan is a black hole from which no child has ever been recovered. There are over 2.2 million children in Japan who have no access to their non-custodial parent. There are thousands of children who have been abducted from other nations in the world and hidden away in Japan. It is a human rights violation. It is child abuse in its most vile form. Japan’s sole custody system must be changed. Currently, children can be abducted and held hostage away from their non-custodial parent. Many non-custodial parents have no access whatsoever to their children because the abductors can legally deny all access and contact. THIS MUST CHANGE!

Rion, Lauren and Julia are innocent victims of their mother and a system which supports her.

It is a violation of their human rights.

A child needs both parents.

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1 Response to Demonstration and March Sunday, December 18th

  1. Brian Prager says:

    Ya gotta keep repeating … for all the Japanese to hear.
    Bruce. We see you and all the brothers and sisters fighting, and we don’t know how to say our thank yous.. Keep on keepin’ on!

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