For Rion, Lauren and Julia; Christmas 2011

Raison d'etre

Dearest Daughters,

It is one week until Christmas. I know that we will not be together on the day. It makes me very sad to know this, yet I will be coming to see you very, very soon. Your mother has made it very difficult for me to see you and she has stopped me from contacting you. The iPad2 which I gave to you on November 25th has been offline since the beginning of December. I sincerely hope that your mom hasn’t confiscated it and put it away in a closet or thrown it away. I fear that this is the case however.

Daddy, Uncle Brian, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Kevin and all your family members love you and miss you very much. Grandma especially. I was talking to Grandma yesterday and she was crying on the phone and she said she wished she could see you. She said she prays for you every day and always lights three candles when she goes to her church. Grandma asked me to tell you how much she loves you and I will do so upon my next visit to Iwaki.

As I told you, Rion, on November 25th when last I saw you, daddy is living in Tokyo right now. I would very much like to bring you here and show you this big, busy city. Always remember that daddy wants to see you and to be with you every day if we could.

Please be happy and do not worry about daddy. I am strong and determined. I have many friends here in Tokyo who are helping me and we are working hard to change the law in Japan so that you and I can have human rights here. When we are successful I will be able to make it so that we can spend much more time together and we will be able to go places together. Maybe you girls will even be able to spend a whole weekend with daddy! I sure hope so. I cannot describe adequately in words how much I miss you each and every day. I think about you first thing every morning when I wake up and last thing before I go to sleep. Also many, many times in between.

Please know that I will not stop fighting for your rights. Please know how very much I love you. You three lovely girls are the reason I am working so hard. You provide me with the inspiration required to continue this difficult battle to win hearts and minds and change things for the better here in Japan.

You are Canadian and Japanese. You have a right to know both of your cultures and all the members of your family, not just the Japanese. I know you will one day return to Canada and give your Grandma big hugs and lots of kisses. Je vous aime très, très beaucoup!! (I love you very, very much).



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1 Response to For Rion, Lauren and Julia; Christmas 2011

  1. Doug says:

    Great post to your children. Your kids surely need to know their daddy – he is a great guy. What Japan is doing is just wrong. It is great to know a father like you fighting so hard to see his kids.

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