Love e-mail from Rion

This was sent to me by my daughter Rion (via her mother) when Rion was 5 years old. Every summer from 2005-2009, Taiko and the girls would go to Japan for 5 weeks to visit their Japanese family while I remained home working. These summer visits were hard for me because I missed my daughters so much when they were gone, but I felt it was important that they know their Japanese heritage and visit with their Japanese family. I would speak to them every day while they were away. Sometimes I would receive e-mails like this one:

Sent Sunday June 1st, 2008 at 10:00:49
“Thank you for your hug and kiss,Daddy.
I miss you and love you too.
We are having a great time here with our Japanese family.
They are so nice to us and play with us.
Dad, Rion loves you dada,you know ?
love, Rion.”

It is truly a pity that their mother does not share in the thought that it is very important for our children to know ALL of their family, Japanese and Canadian. I always thought that they should. I still do.

I love you Rion, Lauren and Julia. I will see you again very soon.

Bruce R. Gherbetti
father of Rion, Lauren and Julia (abducted to Japan, Sept. 2009)

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2 Responses to Love e-mail from Rion

  1. May you receive more like this from all your kids in the near future, Bruce.
    Best wishes,

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