Lobbying the Japanese Government for Joint Custody in Japan

Meeting with Mr. Shimomura

Dear Rion, Lauren and Julia:

Daddy is trying very hard to make it so he can see you and you can see him. I know that you love me because of my visit to Iwaki on September 23rd. Lauren, your note “Dady Love” means so very much to me. You are a beautiful and precious girl. Julia, you are an angel. So absolutely lovely it defies description. Rion, when you saw me and exclaimed “Daddy” and then ran and jumped in my arms I nearly collapsed from joy and relief to see you and hold you again.

I want you girls to know that I will NEVER give up trying to be in your lives on a daily basis. You deserve nothing less than my very best effort and I promise you I am giving it my all. I am so sorry for what your mother is doing to our family. I love you.


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