Leaving the Suzuki family home in Iwaki after a very short visit with my kids – video

It was very hard to leave my children, not knowing when I will see them again. I felt pretty amazing after my eldest daughter Rion had hugged me for at least 15 minutes. The smiles on my daughters faces to see their father was priceless. Rion’s hug has given me immense strength and I am more determined than ever to protect my children and their human rights. It appears that Taiko’s sister and brother were happy to see the girls visit with their father.

How can their mother do this to them? How can she alienate my entire family from those beautiful girls?? Angry, vengeful woman.
Parental abduction and alienation is child abuse. Japan’s state sanctioning and encouragement of it is an international crime of the greatest magnitude. Who will hold this country to account for its international crimes???

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2 Responses to Leaving the Suzuki family home in Iwaki after a very short visit with my kids – video

  1. David says:

    Delighted for you Bruce. You show so much control and dignity, which I know is sometimes very difficult to do under the circumstances.

    • Thank you very much David. My actions are an extension of my coming from a place of love and respect. Though it is difficult to maintain our composure in these circumstances, I believe it to be imperative. You continue to have my very best thoughts and wishes for you and your entire family.

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