Rion, Lauren and Julia were abducted from Canada to Japan in September 2009. The last time I saw their beautiful faces and heard their lovely little voices was September 10, 2009. On September 23rd, 2011, I traveled to Iwaki-shi, Fukushima prefecture accompanied by 3 other left behind fathers (my heroes Mashito-san, Takeuchi-san and Dennis Gunn) a professional photographer (Clive France) and an investigative journalist (Simon Scott – video credit, all rights reserved). We went to the Suzuki family’s home. Taiko Suzuki, the children’s mother, was not home that afternoon That was very fortunate because she most certainly would not have allowed our children to visit with me. She is an abductor and a parent who is alienating our children from me.

Present on that day were her sister, Hiroko (blue shirt), her brother Yasuhiro (yellow shirt), his wife Kiyomi (orange shirt), and Mrs. Katsuko Suzuki, Taiko’s mother. Also present were Yuta Suzuki (3), son of Yasuhiro, and my three daughters, Rion (8), Lauren (6) and Julia (4). Mashito-san and Takeuchi-san were telling the Suzuki family that a child needs both parents and that what Taiko is doing by excluding their father and his family from their lives is wrong. I was talking to my Rion and she was overjoyed to see me. Please watch this short video to see some of the joy unfold…

I requested that Yasuhiro Suzuki ask Taiko Suzuki, on my behalf, two modest requests for after I left Iwaki.

1. Telephone access between my and our children, frequent, regular and ongoing.

2. Skype video contact once per week. Duration 60 minutes.

On September 25, 2011,  I spoke to Yasuhiro Suzuki by telephone. He told me on behalf of Taiko that she had said that after our visit, our children were afraid to go outside and that my daughters had said that they do not want to see me again. He relayed that Taiko did not want to speak to me either directly or indirectly. He explained that she denied both of my requests and had not changed her position at all. She is determined to continue to deny our children all access to their father and their extended family in Canada.

This video and the others like it that I have is direct evidence to refute Taiko’s claims. She is a liar. I do not believe that my children were afraid to go outside after my visit. I do not believe her assertion that they said they don’t want to see me again.

Dear Reader: You have watched this short clip of Rion hugging dad and heard her giggle when we talked about her Grandma (my mother). She said Grandma was “great”. Do you believe Taiko’s claims?

Please comment on this blog.

As I said to my daughter Rion in this video clip, “You are awesome, Rion.” AND YOU ARE.        I LOVE YOU RION, LAUREN AND JULIA!!!!!!!



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9 Responses to REUNITED AFTER 2+ YEARS!

  1. David Sultan says:

    The mother is taking her out on you. The children have everything to gain from their father. Your simple requests is a minimum to respect, if she truly loves and value her children. Best of luck.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    I am so proud of you as you continue to demonstrated Unbowed love and committment to your three daughters. You are an incredible man and an incredible father. I am so thankful for the team you traveled with, for they, just like you, put yourselves into a dangerous unknown due to Japan’s unacceptable legal customs and insane policies concerning children of international abduction. As I have – and as I will continue, my prayers and good wishes go out to you, your family, and the wonderful friends who stood by your side. Bruce – keep going, get sharing, get Rising Up my friend.

    Your friend – Peter

  3. As a left behind parent I understand this all too well. What has happen to these children and Bruce is systematic and very sick. Every effort of the US governments arsenal should be used to get our children back! That we as Americans that are supposed to show the world “higher morales” is definetely a moral cancer here in the US that we continue to feed these countries through unfair trade and aid, is pure sickening on our part. We have to continue to get this moral cancer made aware to the general public! Bruce I love you and I will pray for your children and yourself everyday!!!! James Allen father of abducted Joseph Allen

  4. leejayuk says:

    Hello – mixed feelings because great to see you so happy but I worry that you will get down if your ex refuses once more.

    It also isn’t just a case of international child abduction – domestic laws have to change because power lies with the parent who was given/took the child/children first.

    I know several Japanese people who deny access to the left behind parent and they are all friendly, polite and would help their friends. However, they don’t believe that they are doing anything wrong about denying their left behind (fellow Japanese) partner – this cultural trait is factual to many Japanese nationals.

    I of course know a few Japanese families that allow the other parent to see their child/children – each case is different.

    I am happy to see you in the video with fresh hope because your pain and anguish meant that each day felt like a year. I only fear that you will get down if your ex refuses.

    Also, not saying too much hear (from experience) – but if you visit next time just be on your guard in case the police were notified.

    I have informed the police in the past before visiting the house or flat on behalf of individuals who remain outside of organizations – explained everything and this helped because once a situation became very tense but I have rights to stay in Japan but a connection was needed and this happened in a major city.

    Somehow you need to stay focused and hope that gentle pressure or bridges by others will make things easier.

    I wish you well and if I sound a little negative, sorry, …all the best, Lee Jay

  5. Jenn Megan says:

    I was moved to share in the moment with you and your girls. Obviously they love you very much and understand how much you love them. (Note clinging to daddy). I’m excited for the day I get to hear from you that you saw them yet again, and I’m sure they’re bouncing for time to spend with you. Clearly the plan to “delete” you was a fail, so all we need really and truly to see is your ex’s white flag in the best interest of her children. -Keep fightin’ B’. :3

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