BACHome Receives Support from Champion MMA Trainer

Trevor Wittman, the owner and head trainer at the Grudge Training Center in Denver, Colorado, is on a mission to make a difference—and not just inside the Octagon.

Although Wittman is most certainly proud of his gym—clearly for good reason—the Denver native is ready to take on a much tougher opponent than anything the world of mixed martial arts has to offer, as Trevor has joined the crusade against international parental child abduction.

Wittman is already well known for his efforts against bullying in the USA. Also, last Thanksgiving Trevor and his wife Christina Wittman were instrumental in giving help and hope to their community.

“It was probably about two weeks before Thanksgiving, and my wife had one of her friends who was trying to get some turkeys to help out the Denver Rescue Mission, so we jumped on board and started Tweetin’ it and tellin’ our members,” said a passionate Wittman, “We had a good turn-out… my wife’s and my truck were filled to the brim and we took it down to the Denver Rescue Mission, and handed them out to the people out there. Man, that was great, it was a great feeling.”As if working to rid his country of bullying wasn’t enough, Wittman recently took a swing at feeding the underprivileged in his hometown Denver.

As it turns out, Wittman’s Thanksgiving food drive and anti-bullying campaigns are only the beginning. BACHome is proud to be supported by, and is proud to support Trevor and Christina Wittman of Grudge Training Center in Wheatridge, Colorado.Grudge Training Center is the ELITE of martial arts schools and training centers.

by B.R Gherbetti
father of Rion, Lauren and Julia

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